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An opportunity
for Bogota


Marking a fresh and exciting chapter for Bogota, Atrio’s towers symbolise all that the city and its people have achieved, and will be a catalyst for the continued success to come.

Punctuating the Bogota skyline, the iconic towers bring together unrivalled, state-of-the-art office space, luxury residences and a 210-room hotel. Beneath all this a wealth of public space will be filled with a rich variety of retail and gastronomic delights that will draw the people of Bogota from morning to night.

Open to all.


As a new focal point for people to gather and to meet, to work and to live, it is the generosity and accessibility of its public space that makes Atrio a first for Bogota.

People will come to sit and to talk, to go about their lives surrounded by beauty and innovation. The expansive space around the base of the towers will be a magnet for office workers, residents, the wider community and visiting businessmen and tourists alike.



   A new social
hub for the city


This is a place for the people of Bogota, to be enjoyed whatever the weather, every day of the week. Four light-filled pavilions fan the base of the tower, with soaring glass ceilings sheltering those who come in rain or in shine. 

Through the week office workers can start their day with breakfast and coffee, taking a break for their lunch, while at weekends visitors will flock to fill restaurants and bars with the sound of conversation and laughter.





  3,000 sq m of
restaurant pavilions

Connected public spaces


A focal point will be the grand staircase linking La Plazoleta to the main Plaza with accessibility ramps and steps integrated seamlessly with a sculptural elegance. As well as a diverse array of colourful planting and a variety of seating areas, lifts give access to the pavilion roof gardens that act as a continuation of the Plaza’s own landscaping.


Lobbies become a continuation of this public realm, with open mezzanine floors, canopies that cover terraces and pavilions that provide retail, coffee shops and restaurants, a blend of formal and informal landscaped open space with seating areas, and dedicated areas for larger scale performances, events, screenings and public art.




From food halls to fine dining, a new gastronomic hub is coming to Bogota.


Offering daytime and afterwork shopping, delicious evening meals and weekend celebrations, food fills Atrio’s airy pavilions. This is a culinary destination like no other in the city with upscale restaurants and coffee shops stocking the finest organic produce bringing the best to Bogota.