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A wealth of
public space


Atrio will deliver public space on a scale not seen before in Bogota. Lush planting, a range of seating, play areas, and public art will be brought together to make Atrio’s public realm one for all to enjoy.



This will be a new focal point for people of the city to gather. This will be a place for people to meet, to sit, and to talk, as they go about their lives living and working in harmony together.



The public areas include a blend of formal and informal landscaping with seating areas, gardens and space for events, screenings and public art.

Bogota open
to all

At the core of Atrio is 10,000 sq m of dedicated public space that makes up two thirds of the site area.

The Cultural Plaza

A vibrant mix of colourful gardens, lawns, intimate paths and seating areas, water jets provide a visual landmark at the center of the Plaza.

La Plazoleta

The grand staircase links La Plazoleta to the main Plaza with accessibility ramps and steps integrated seamlessly.